Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Turn Me On Deadman - Pop Culture Blog explores "Paul Is Dead" Rumor

This is so cool!

Turn Me on Deadman researches and documents everything from "Paul is Dead" to the "Dark Side of the Rainbow" and influential roots of all those Led Zeppelin songs. And: unlike Pink0™ - they even cite references!

"In the Journal of Popular Culture, Michael E. Roos provides a more likely explanation for the imagery of "I Am the Walrus". Roos points to Lewis Carroll's influence on John Lennon. The nonsense lyrics to this song take on new meaning when interpreted through the lens of Carroll's poem "The Walrus and the Carpenter" along with John Lennon's growing cynicism about the Summer of Love ideals and the Beatles' role in popular culture. In Carroll's poem, the walrus and the carpenter lure youthful, unsuspecting oysters to follow them only so they could eat them. John saw a connection with the Beatles' relationship with their fans and the walrus and the carpenter taking advantage of the innocence of the oysters. Their young unsuspecting fans were looking to the Beatles for answers but Lennon had none to give, so he came to see the Beatles as con artists. The Walrus regrets playing such a trick on the oysters and he weeps for them ("I'm crying," John sings in "I Am the Walrus") but he continues to eat them nonetheless."

Just like a Capitalist™ to feel bad but keep eating. No wonder so many Americans suffer from obesity and high blood pressure. I wonder if there's an article on the site about "Shaved Fish" [ ;p ]... Or better yet: "REVOLUTION"


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