Sunday, July 18, 2010

How Did it Start?

Someone asked me recently - a nice young lady whom I have correponded with briefly regarding Gurdjieff's brand of esotericism: "How would your revolution start?"

First off let me start off by saying: Many of the contents of this blog might sound a little crazy to the uninitiated. But the truth is: none of it is any crazier than what much of mainstream America believes: than an authoritarian, anthropomorphic 'god' runs a spiritual dictatorship by which one must follow blindly in order to be 'saved'.

Nor is any of it crazier than the things that come out of the mouths of people like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin or anyone on Fox News. While some of it's a bit esoteric, it's nothing that can't be researched and easily digested by anyone with average intelligence. And since many of our readers have a grounding in the esoteric - I don't really imagine that anything here will seem terribly bizarre to them.

Suffice it to say, truth really is stranger than fiction - even when the fiction in question is a Philip K. Dick novel.

The Archetype of 'The Jester' or 'Fool'

Apparently dear reader, I am an avatar for the archetype of 'The Fool' (0, aleph, Loki, Trickster, Green Man, et al.). The jester / genie who peers into the depths of things like some sort of shaman / savant and then tell us the wh0le truth - albeit, veiled in mockery. The problem with being a Fool, is that almost no one ever listens to you or takes you seriously. The great thing about being a Fool is that as a result, you can litterally say almost anything you damned well please because so few are actually paying any attention. The wise however, listen to the Fool very carefully for - if they are truly wise - they know that the Fool's brilliance is infinite - extracting meaning from the vapours of nuance the way a plant soaks up moisture from the soil.

Occasionally a Fool says too much, pisses off a 'king' and loses his head, but such is the lot of the Fool.

It was not until quite recently that I came to terms with my ability to play this role. I always knew I was 'special', but I figured it was some sort of rare, undiagnosed learning disability like Aspergers Syndrome or ADD. Turns out, much of that stuff is simply memetic cybernetics designed to sell you pharmaceuticals and/or therapy sessions. A disease calling itself the cure. Ahh, Capitalsim™!

That stated: The revolution has already started.

That's the cool thing about revolution: As long as there's populist rage to fuel the fires and enough relatively intelligent people who care even a little bit about the world that they live in, the flywheel is always spinning. The trick, of course - as with any feat of architecture or engineering - is properly harnessing the energy, while simultaneously minimizing unintended consequences.
This particular incarnation of the revolution probably started with early beat poets and radicals and of course, zenithed in the sixties. Until it was slowly and gradually crushed/co-opted/cajoled by Corporate America™'s increasingly subtle/panoptic grip on the American psyche, which went on throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s - a time period during which the revolution (at times) found itself so drunk on the hedonistic nectar of Babylon that it hardly remembered anything was ever wrong . But when 9/11 hapenned it woke up abruptly. So abrubtly that was immediately put on lockdown during the Bush administration, at which point it went into a self-destructive tailspin brought about by panicked disbeleif at the direction everything was headed.

Luckily, it landed safely and found a place to rest and lay dormant so that it could gather strength and figure out a game plan. It was not ressurected again until quite recently (8-8-08), when it was stirred to wakefulness by the sound of more of the Corporataucratic, Bush-era policies that it had warned us about coming home to roost. Briefly, it became 'hopeful' - and by extension - somewhat complacent when Obama took office. But once it saw the same 'business as usual' coming from Washington, it realized that the time was at hand. Thus, between the unemployment rate, AiG, BP, the Tea Party, et al... it has recieved a STRONG influx of (admittedly, largely non-cohesive) social capital.

"Sounds like quite an undertaking, starting a revolution"

People don't start revolutions - revolutions find them. Which is to say: These things have a life of their own. One only need be as commited as the demands of the revolution dictate. In fact, doing anything beyond that is suicidal.

"The Beginning was the End"

This particular revolution started 4-1-10 (April Fool's Day) when The Fool had a conversation with his late father about how interesting it would be if an offshore oil-rig blew up and they couldn't cap the leak. "Then-" he observed, "-the ensuing chaos could be used to generate the political-will necessary to change the way Americans use energy. It would be a terrible environmental catastrophy but - if scientists are right about the potential impact of global warming - it might just save our species from extinction."
Apparently, someone or something heard this conversation (probably a Haliburton mole in the NSA - after all, The Fool's father being quite a Fool himself, had once tried to steal arms for the Black Panthers and since The Fool had already tried to start the revolution once or twice before - he was pretty sure they'd both been under surveilance ever since). Sure enough, only 12 days later (4-13-10)... His father was found hanging from a tamarind tree.

"The King is Dead: Long Live the King"

Whether or not his father had in fact secretly been crucified by 'Nova Criminals' shall forever remain a mystery. Either way, it was The Empire that had taken his father's life. The Capitalist Conspiracy and it's gaping post-modern jaws - devouring love, meaning and every other living thing in it's endless quest to comodify our entire planet and beyond. If they could sell us the oxegyn we need to breathe, they would.

So that pretty much settled it for our protagonist - FUCK THEM! This meant war! (and by god, he meant it this time) War on the Corporataucracy. War on Capitalism™. A New Velvet Revolution. A suicidal quest if there ever was one, but so what? It wasn't like he had a job.

Like more than a third of Americans (unemployed, underemployed and otherwise barely making ends meet - but with little or no political power and even less interest in poloitics to do anything about it), he had little better to do than to sit come up with new and interesting ways to revolt. Now he just needed to find the people who were in that same boat and put together a meeting.

SO, here goes:

As a gnostic/atheist raised on science, comic books, secular humanism and periodic exposure to organized religion. The Fool (Pink0™) may never see eye-to-eye with mainstream, fundamentalist Christian America, and certainly not fundamentalist Islam either. The Fool rejects all dogma. However, he will do his best to speak to them the only way he knows how: by hijacking the Judeo-Christion mythos and reinterpreting it through gnostic/secular filters as a symbolic framework for political revolt. This is not unlike what Marcus Garvey did when he propogated the meme known as Rastafarianism. Except that instead, this shall be Lucifarianism (as in: Gnostic/Secular, Christian Mysticism - Scientific Illuminism).

Prometheus Rising

Thus - statecraft being the highest form of magick - my godform shall be Lucifer/Jesus, the light bringer and the light. My planets: Venus & Mercury. My banner is the Green Harlequin (pink and green, pale-blue and red, or yellow and blue depending on the issue at-hand). My symbols are the Green Nautical Star, the Axe, the BP logo,  as well as the Hebrew letters Aleph; Tauv and Shin, The Jester, the dual-dodeca/icosahedron, goats (the other lamb meat), the lion, bulls, bears, buffalo and bison, Gaia, The Whole Earth Catalog, Stuart Brand, cEvin Key, Bob Dylan, The Beast, 66.6, 33.3, 99.9, and a whole slew of others too numerous to list. I am the meta-meme, The Meta-Politician. The reconciler. My sole purpose is to herald the dawn of the coming order.

Thus, I have given myself one year to start a ball rolling. Or: until 6-21-11 - I actually launched on the Summer Solstice (my birthday) - so we're already a few weeks in. Thus, I have about 49 weeks left to gather up enough support for a direct (non-violent) action against 'Lucifer Sam' (aka: the Corporataucracy, or: USSA, the TRUE Beast). Obviously, it might take a little longer, but why not get a jumpstart on the 'Mayan Apocalypse'?

Too bad it's such a foolish quest - I'll probably just get shot hauled off by the gestapo. Besides - chances are, most Americans are too lazy, cowardly, stupid or apathetic to answer the call.

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