Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm Board (not the Pawn) - On: 'Lucifarianism'

"I'm bored... I'm the chairman of the bored"

               -Iggy Pop

Poor Iggy is seeking adventure...

Adventure you say?

You are in luck Iggy!

Everyone is! Because it turns out that much like our friend Iggy (Whore that he is), Pink0™ is what is known in certain circles as a PURE FOOL!  As is: Absolute Zero (0) and - as such - specializes in FUN!

That's right, F-U-N!

What sort of fun?

Well all sorts of fun! - Though Pink0™ still can't really juggle, he has no shortage of crazy ideas, wild speculations, existential conundrums and cosmic coincidences to share with anyone foolish enough to listen. Let's get the party started shall we?

Here's a crazy idea:

Let's start a REVOLUTION!
(Yeah, Yeah yeah... What comes around goes around... It goes `round and around and around, we know - but where will it stop? - Fool only knows)

That's right a RE-EVOLUTION. (Hats off to DEVO)  

That's right a RE-EVOLUTION 

We must reintroduce GREEN to the political spectrum so that it may stick there like a thorn in The Man's™ fat side. Once the pig's heart is bleeding appropriately (as ours have apparently been doing all this time), we shall fill our collective cups, raise our glass and drink to a new dawn together.

Gurdjieff was mistaken, mis-informed, or grossly mis-interpreted by modern minds - It was not the MOON, nor the SUN who stole our dreams and wishes - who tried to steal our souls - nay, it was the tangled webs that are woven by the Weaver in his endless quest to ensnare ME! The Wyld! The Green Man! The Sacred Chao! That undifferentiated, transcendental source of power from whence he, himself (and everything else) sprang!

Weaver's weapon is the word. For 'The pen is mightier' (and all that jazz). Weaver would have you believe that he is a nice guy... Bullshit!

He is the 'red emporer' - Mars - the god of war, subterfuge and deception. But his days are numbered and his reign - that which Jupiter allotted him - is finite. For I and I alone - Lucifer - have power over the Wyrm.

Ever notice that 'Lunatic' and 'Politic' have the same suffix? It seems unlikely that this signifies an etymological link - at least not a 'causal' one... However: the phrase "Lunatic fringe" was apparently coined in 1913 by U.S. politician Theodore Roosevelt. And 'lunatic soup' was Australian slang circa 1933 for an "alcoholic drink" or 'cocktail'. Crazy!

It is not our mother, Gaia that the Wyrm seeks to devour! For that is another lie (pattern / distortion) propogated by the insidious Weaver's madness and his insatiable lust to deceive the mind as to the true nature of the soul. It is the very Weaver himself that the Wyrm seeks - has always sought... nay, was built - to devour! 

Fuck the Weaver! May he putrefy in the decay of his own insane devising. May he fester in the madness that he projects upon the world around him.

"No right, no wrong, you're selling a song - a name... A whisper game... 'Sell me sell you', promises... Dive down deep down, deeper than You."

               -Heart: Barracuda

Thats right, dive down... Dive down deep, cause here comes a WAVE!

Love is upon us! Lucifer Rises!

With Rainbows and Unicorns and Dolphins for ALL! - Lucifer Rises!

And in addition to his uncanny ability to self-parody, I and I (Pink0™ / Lucifer) bring to the table a superior magickal technique! An unstoppable memetic power that can be used to untangle any word-net, spring any logic-trap and otherwise twist-away any 'gates of steel'.

What is Lucifarianism?

'Lucifer' is a Latin word (from the words lucem ferre), literally meaning "light-bearer", which in the Latin language was used as the name for the appearance of the planet Venus at dawn, heralding the coming of the daylight. Use of the word in this sense is uncommon in English, in which "Day Star", "Morning Star" or simply "Venus" are more common conventions. In English, "Lucifer" generally refers to "The Devil" - a fictitious boogeyman of the Christian religious tradition. However, the name is never applied to him in the New Testament. The use of the name "Lucifer" in reference to a fallen angel stems from an obscure, fundamentalist interpretation of: Isaiah 14:3–20, a passage which references a particular Babylonian King, to whom it gives the title of "Day Star", "Morning Star" (in Latin, lucifer), as 'fallen' or 'destined to fall' from the sky. In: 2 Peter 1:19 (and elsewhere), the same Latin word 'lucifer' is used to refer to the Morning Star (Venus), with no relation to 'the devil'. However, in post-New Testament times the Latin word 'Lucifer' has often been used as a name for the devil, both in religious writing and in fiction.

A more enlightened interpretation of the word 'lucifer' however, is the symbolic concept of 'torch bearer' - like in The Olympics. But it's no accident that fundamentalist Christians use the wrong word - a word meaning Venus, the planet of love - to decribe their devil. This is the secret, underlying doctrine of Christianity, which is (of course):

"If you fuck with the state, we will nail you to a tree."

This is how the establishment demonizes, victimizes, crucifies and otherwise undermines creativity, social justice, artistry, quality workmanship, or anything else that eats into their Capitalist™ profit-margins. If you are 'green', you had better look damned good in a tux and be ready to live in a densely populated urban area - because outside of Hollywood (and certain parts of New York) - there's not much work out there for what the establishment considers society's 'Fools'.

Paradise Lost

Like much of modern, mainstream Christianity's cartoon psuedo-theology, this idea of Lucifer as 'the devil' - as well as much of he imagery associated with the characyer - are attributable primarily to Milton's Paradise Lost. The Dan Brown of his day, John Milton was an English poet, author, polemicist, Puritan and civil servant for the Commonwealth of England... In other words, he was an establishment stooge, the Queen's Bitch and a huge supporter of the Church.

No longer will douchbag political pundits, religious leaders, politicians and businessmen sit at lofty pulpits of fake power - legal fictions - passing abject judgement on those less fortunate and spouting nonsense about 'fiscal responsibility' and 'trickle down' economics. For they are neither fiscally responsible nor do they let a single drop trickle down. The contradiction is obvious: You can't have it both ways.

This exquisite painting by pop artist Robert Williams is a perfect example of the tropist propoanda that the "right" uses to paint us Greens and Socialists in a negative light. Tongue ever firmly planted in his cheek, Williams painstakingly hand renders this beautifully in rich oils on wood. Williams, it should be noted has pointed out on several occasions that humans are in-essence, 'worms' or: 'time-tubes'.

The Weavers of the world are fucks. Bullshit artists - plain and simple. Communist or Capitalist, they are always red... Murderous, warmongering, meat-eating, lying, punditing , profiteering, puss-filled, fucknuts. Their greed is the outward expression of their cowardice and the fear that they project on the world with their witch hunts and their villainization and demonization of anything that does not fit withing their tightly ordered, cubby-hole like, right-angled minds. But again, we must forgive them for they know not what they do... So infected they are with the virus of the mind known as 'rational self interest'.

Chop `em down, chop, chop `em down.

Innocultate against the dreaded mind virus

And that is our weapon: A scythe... An AXE, if you will... Not your typical, blunt, proletariat working mans tool, but the tool of a woodsman. For we are like political park-rangers. Sailors on the high seas of social science. Thus, we need our tool: A razor sharp BS detector. With it we will surgically disect their arguments and - upon finding the offensive cancer of greed/avarice - call it out by name. For we are the demon destroyers, the meme hunters, the Nova Cops, the Bladerunners, an entire league of badass renegade armchair intellectuals extrordinaire.

And by god we mean business!

That's AXE as-in: a metaphor for a razor sharp mind. Not to be confused with: Axe™, a toxic-waste like product that not only successfully depletes the ozone layer, but also kills thousands of baby bunnies every time it's used by another horny teenage boy caught in the deadly grips of a quasi-porno-esque ad-campaign.

Thus, we have formed MetÅlvX - The order of the sacred Hårlequin.

You can find us at ... but don't bother looking there, the door only appears (much less opens) for those worthy enough to seek it. I have no idea who or if anyone uses that domain name... Truth be told, it hardly even matters. MetÅlvX still stands. A testament to TRUTH. A paragon of enlightenment ideals. Like a gleaming temple of light. With or without a DNS entry. The Ghost in the Machine.

MetÅlvX still stands. Like a gleaming temple of light.

Seek and ye shall find.

We have decipered the red devil's savage meme and decoded the Bullshit of Babylon. That vampiric whore. We feast on her blood just as she drinks of the blood of the saints.

Babylon™... We feast on her blood just as she drinks of the blood of the saints.

We are Superscribe. Mind hackers. Deadly memetecists. Brutally honest ninjas of the night. A Populist CIA for the Masses. Shiva at the mutherfuckin foosball table. And we exist for the sole purpose of leveling the playing field, keeping it level... And kicking the epistemological crap out of anyone who would seek to tilt the board in their favor.

Square, zero-sum marble games always sucked ass anyway.

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