Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grant Czerepak on: "Synesthetes: Mental Orders"

More sharp observations from Grant Czerepak:

"If you read the indepth biographies of Winston Churchill, you will discover that the man suffered from a mental illness called Bipolar Disorder. Yet despit a life of political defeats, he was able to win the Prime Ministership and successfully lead Britain in its time of greatest need against the Nazi war machine with the words, “Never, Never, Never Give Up.” Churchill’s strategic insight during the Battle of Britain and his compelling speeches are still studied by leaders around the world today.

Abraham Lincoln’s indepth biographies also reveal he suffered from a mental illness believed to be Bipolar Disorder. Yet despite repeated failures won the Presidency and even after the death of his wife, led the United States through the greatest national crisis it ever faced, The American Civil War. His memorial in Washington D.C. reveal a man of profound depth of thought and compassion for his countrymen. He is regarded as one of the greatest Presidents the United States has produced.

Differing orders of the brain are often hard to distinguish. Especially when studying accounts of historical figures. Often different brain order societies claim that the same historical figures had their particular brain order. An interesting truth is we all exhibit traits of every brain order. We just exhibit them to varying degrees.

My theory is that all mental orders are varying forms of Synesthesia. We need a new Science to Recognize, Classify and Apply synesthetic abilities.

What is Synesthesia?

Synethesia is the combining of sensory perceptions and logical relations.

Who has Synesthesia?

We all do. Have you ever described a color of light? Have you ever described a fragrance of perfume? Have you ever described a taste of wine? Have you ever described the nature of a sound?

Have you ever used your imagination in any way? Have you ever dreamed? It is all facets of Synesthesia. Some is just more common than others.

We are confusing mental difference with mental illness."


What Grant fails to observe is that the American Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries deliberately promote such confusion because they are Capitalsist™ theives and hucksters - the modern day equivalent of Snake Oil™ salesman.

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  1. I have always enjoyed reading your blogs.

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