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Nautical star
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The 'nautical' star is a symbolic star associated with the sea services of the United States armed forces and with tattoo culture. It is usually rendered as a five-pointed star in dark and light shades counterchanged in a manner reminiscent of a compass rose.

1 As a Naval Symbol
2 In Tattoo Culture
   2.1 Possible meanings conveyed
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As a Naval Symbol
The nautical star frequently encountered as an informal signifier indicating membership in the United States Navy or Marine Corps. The symbol recalls both the five-pointed star of the US national flag and the distinctive color pattern of the compass rose found on many old nautical charts.

In Tattoo Culture
Nautical star tattoos are one of the most popular styles of star tattoo designs.

Possible meanings conveyed
The Nautical Star on the left wrist aligned with the thumb is believed to be a positive guide for the future. The left palm is used in palm readings to reveal a persons future and the nautical star is used in this instance to guide the palm. As with many tattoo designs, the nautical star may or may not be intended to convey a meaning to the viewer. In some cases, the wearer may simply appreciate the design for its beauty, simplicity, symmetry or ability to serve as a backdrop or an additional ornamental element of any tattoo. For other wearers, the symbol is intended to convey one of a variety of different meanings.

This symbol is often associated with sailors and those who make their living on or by the sea. Quite apart from the military/naval connotations, the nautical star recalls the sailor's reliance on celestial navigation. At times, the tattoo can be coloured in red or green to symbolise membership of the port or starboard watch, respectively. [1]


Often, though, the symbol is used to convey an allegorical, rather than a literal, meaning. The link to celestial navigation could, for example, symbolize that the wearer's wish to find his or her way home safely, particularly in the case of military personnel. Further, it could express a desire to find one's way in life more generally.

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