Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thus He Spake

Long slept Zarathustra, and not only did the dawn pass over his countenance, but the morning also. But at length, his eyes finaly opened: astonished, Zarathustra looked upon the forest and it's stillness. And in amazement, he looked then into himself. Then, he sprang up quickly, with the speed of a sailor who finds himself suddenly ashore, and rejoiced: for he saw a new truth. And thus he spake from within his heart: 

A light hath dawned on me:
I need companions! Living companions - not the dead weight of followers having no will of their own, which I must carry about with me. Companions they must be and followers not - who run toward the future beside me because they follow their inner heart to do so and not because I will it. 

A light hath dawned upon me:
do not talk to the people of 'my people', 'Zarathustra's people', but of companions! My brethren and sistren! Zarathustra is not to be a shepherd dog! Yet, to lure them away from the herd - that is indeed why I have come. The shepherds will be angry and will call Zarathustra a theif. 

Shepherds... They call themselves the 'good' and 'righteous'. "Believers of the true faith." But see the good and just! Whom do they hate the most ? The man who breaks their laws and doctrines, the so called 'criminals' - ah, but these are the creators, the mavericks, the inventors! Lo the faithfull of creeds! Behold the most sanctimonious among them. Whom do they detest? The man who broke the law - ah, but he was said to be the son of the creator!

Companions this creator seeks - not corpses eating corpses - not herds and believers and shepards and followers! For I am the collaborator, the creator! And I seeketh, those who will be creators with me - the will write the new laws. Companions! The creator seeks you. And if inded companions be ye be - our harvest will be shared. For the time is ripe for harvest! But how may one man reap what has been sewn? Even if he had a thousand scythes, he could only tear and cut. 

Companions, this creator seeks those whose blades are kept sharp. They will know. They will be called destroyers of good and evil. But in truth, they shall be celebrants at the feast! Reapers and harvesters! Collaborators! Seek me thus: Zarathustra!

For it is ye for whom Zarathustra seeks!

What interest have I in herds of shepherds and corpses and cattle? 

You, my first companion - Fare thee well! I buried thee in thy hollow tree, well I hid thee from the wolves. But I must say my farewell - the time is up! For in the night, I had a vision!  
No, I shall not be a shepherd. Nor a Clown!

I speak no more to "the people" - for what use is there in addressing zombies?

But the Creators! The Reapers! The Celebrants! These, I will I associate with me: the rainbow will I show them and the steps toward Superman. 

I will sing my song to the hermits - those who still have ears for the unheard. And their hearts shall burst when I overwhelm them with my joy! 

I will attain this goal to reveal the divine truth!
I leap over those who loiter and delay!
May my striving be their downfall.

From: Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None a philosophical novel by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, composed in four parts between 1883 and 1885. 

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