Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo Gallery

Me and my ex-girlfriend.

Just some old pictures of me that I found. I've come a long way baby!

Now taste the muthafuckin' Lucifarian RAINBOW bitches!

Before I really grew a pair.

My elementary school math teacher (Mr. Ferris from S.C.P.A. in Cincinnati Ohio)... Often wondered if he was a Nazi scientist à la Project Paperclip.

Kickin' it 'neu wave' back in `84.
(@ the cocaine penthouse with my dogs: Keymaster & Gatekeeper

You know how we do.

Not even this 'stupid man suit' can contain the glory of my divine light!
(OMG I fucking rule! ... "You betta' axe somebody!")

At the movies with me, myself and my (now dead) ex-girlfriend.

(according to scientists at NASA, the world will as we know it will end soon if we don't immediately change our collective routine... And don't give me that tired trope about how the world as we know it is always ending and we should just enjoy ourselves, blah, blah, friggin' blah.... That's the coward's route)

Me and Lucifer/Annubis wasted @ Chappelle's 'Playa Hatas Ball'..
(Sike! It was Halloween, bitches)

A portrait of me by Polish poster artist Franciszek Starowieyski.
The first Polish artist to have a one man show at the Museum of Modern Art - N.Y.`86)

"Collapsing New Buildings"

Flippin' off 'THE MAN', back in my 'Radio Free Steve' days (circa: `85)


Still think I'm nuts? Funny... All my Wonderfull Jewish friends seem to 'get it':

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