Sunday, June 27, 2010

The state of the oceans

By: User from Millbrook, NY - Nov 3, 2008 1:17:20 PM ET

I am a Republican who plans to vote for Senator Obama but I am worried about the fact, that neither Senator Obama nor Senator Biden have, to my knowledge, ever mentioned the ocean in their environmental statements. The oceans are our life support system, whithout them the human race cannot survive. 1,000 scientists from around the world have sent a letter to the UN saying, that by 2048 there will be no more commercial fishing in the world because the oceans will be empty. This is a serious situation for all of us and I would like to hear Senator Obama address it.

We have not heard about big companies like Alibaba and its partner Yahoo, who together are the largest dealer in the world, selling shark fins to the Asian market.

We have not heard about big fisheries who are looting our oceans with long-line fishing vessels, throwing 90% of their catch back into the sea, which amounts to billions of pounds of marine life. Unfortunately they have killed everything before returning it to where they stole it.

We have not heard about countries like Japan and their killing of a thousand whales and tens of thousands of dolphins every year, or about Costa Rica, Taiwan, Spain and others, who make money by cutting off the fins of sharks while the sharks are still alive and throw the animals back into the ocean, where they die a horrible death, and we have not heard whether the Senators are in the least concerned about the fact that all those people are helping to bring the oceans to a level, which is not viable anymore.

If we lose the oceans we'll lose 70% of our oxygen supply and then we'll have no chance of survival either. Instead, all we hear is whether or not we should drill for oil off shore.

Everybody, including the two Senators, is talking about Global Warming. It has become a popular cocktail hour conversation ever since Vice President Gore received an Oscar and the Nobel Peace Price for his "Inconvenient Truth". But if we lose the oceans and 70% of our oxygen with it, we will not even live long enough to feel the impact of Global Warming.

So, what should we worry about first, the chicken or the egg? I think that the ocean is the chicken and Global Warming the egg. Let's give the chicken first choice. I can only hope that I will not regret my vote because the two Hon. Senators forgot about the chicken.
Jupp Kerckerinck

Pinko's Commentary: This guy's a Republican for god's sake and even he knows that our lives depend on protecting the environment.

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