Sunday, June 20, 2010


Although Pink0™ is all about a revolution. We here at Pink0™ do not endorse violence of any kind. The ends -- while imperative -- do not justify that particular set of means. We believe that positive social change is only possible through cooperation, education and willfull, non-violent political action. The history of human society over the past several hundred years has been a history of violent political revolt. We must break from this tradition if we are to retain the requisite integrity to withstand the comodification of meaning so prevalent in our increasingly post-post-modern society.

While some of the ideas on this blog will seem a little crazy to the uninitiated - they are actually very old ideas that have been aroud for a very long time - sitting just out of the way, hiding out in our collective peripheral vision. And they are certainly much saner ideas than anything coming out of the mouths of the "Right" (fundamentalist Christians, the Republican Party, Rush Libaugh, anyone seen on Fox News, et al.).

And since many - if not all - of our readers have at least some grounding in the essoteric, I imagine none of this will seem too terribly bizarre to any of you. Suffice it to say, truth is generally stranger than fiction... Even when the fiction is a Philip K. Dick novel.

Also: Nothing on this blog should ever be construed as racist, sexist or homophobic. Pink0™ supports the green party's platform of:

 - Grassroots democracy
 - Social justice and equal opportunity
 - Ecological wisdom
 - Nonviolence
 - Decentralization
 - Community-based economics
 - Feminism and gender equality
 - Respect for diversity
 - Personal and global responsibility
 - Future focus and sustainability

Green Part of the United States:

That stated, Pink0™ will in all likelihood - in the interest of comic relief - occasionally say some vaguely offensive shit. The fool always says what everyone else is too afraid to - look at our favorite comedians. And while Pink0™ staff genuinely appreciates the comedy antics of Bill Burr, D. Tosh and Dave Chappelle, we see these people for what they really are: Sociopolitical commentators just like Pink0™ using the only outlet available to them to wake up the American people from the slumber of Capitalism.
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